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Horsing around

Organizing your Horse Trailer


Tips on Organizing your Horse Trailer

Here are a few tips that can make your horse trailer experience more enjoyable!

Horse Trailer Water Tanks:

If you don’t have one yet, get a horse trailer water tank! There are many sizes and shapes to choose from.

The most popular ones are an upright triangle shape that utilizes the dead space in the tack room

of your horse trailer. Saving you from packing endless horse buckets or inconvenient containers to carry water fin your horse trailer.

Horse Trailer Tack Organizer:

The common horse trailer tack organizer often but not always found inside the door to the dressing room of a horse trailer.

They offer a very simple cost-effective way to keep your horses brushes, combs, hoof picks in plain sight when you need them. Not to mention your first aid supplies splint boots etc.

Horse Trailer Boot Box storage compartment:

BOOT BOX: Horse Trailer Boot/Storage Box

Not only offering you a place to sit down in your horse trailer or a step up into your goose neck, they give you a large place to keep all your miscellaneous items in one place and not strewn all over your horse trailer. Safe Travels and happy trails!



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